Kuhn Nips Clauson In Photo Finish

Bogar locks up Badger Micro title


By Bryan Gapinski
Sun Prairie, Wis., August 19---Brad Kuhn scored the victory in one of the most dramatic finishes in history at Angell Park Speedway on Sunday Night capturing the 30-lap Miller Lite Cornfest Midget Classic. The event was tri-sanctioned by the USAC Mopar National Midget, Stark Automotive Group-Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget and POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series.
The race featured seven lead changes among five drivers including three lead changes in the final three laps. Kuhn edged Bryan Clauson by 0.019 seconds at the start/finish line for the victory. Zach Daum paced the opening lap, before Tracy Hines moved to the top position. Hines quickly opened up an advantage over the field. Hines' car began to mis-fire on the sixth lap, and slowed causing the events first caution.
Kuhn led Darren Hagen and Clauson on the restart, five laps later the caution appeared again for a stalled car. On the restart Hagen passed Kuhn for the lead, holding the lead for six laps, before Kuhn regained the lead on the backstretch. Clauson moved into second place on Lap 21. Fast qualifier Rico Abreu escaped injury when he flipped with five laps remaining. Earlier in the night 
Abreu also won the opening heat race, breaking Page Jones ten-lap track record set on July 4, 1993. 
One lap after the restart seventh place running Alex Bright flipped several times on the backstretch, escaping injury. Kuhn and Clauson ran wheel to wheel the next two laps, with Clauson taking the white flag in first place. With Kuhn running the high side and Clauson on the lower groove the pair exited Turn 4 even, with Kuhn pulling to a slight advantage as the pair crossed the start/finish line.
"Its always great to win at Sun Prairie, it was a great battle with Bryan the final few laps, I'm glad I came out on top" commented Kuhn who drove the RW Motorsports owned Beast/Fontana No. 17. Following Kuhn and Clauson were USAC points leader Hagen, Levi Jones, and Chris Windom.
Bubba Altig clinched the Badger Drivers Championship on Aug. 18 at Macon (Ill.) Raceway and finished 20th in the feature. In the battle for Badger Car Owner Championship, Hans Lein No. 2 leads D&I Motorsports No. 19 by 79-points, heading into the Badger finale Saturday Sept.1 at Angell Park, with the running of the 31st annual Pepsi Midget Nationals. The 30-lap feature will pay $3,000 to win and $300 to start. 
Jason Dull scored a wire-to-wire victory winning the Badger 600 Micro Series feature, finishing ahead of Jake Reif, Chad Bogar, Matt Padtra and Jason Tetrault in the thirteen car field. Bogar clinched his second straight championship, with two races remaining.

Complete Results

USAC/Badger/POWRi Midgets
30-lap Feature: 1. Brad Kuhn, 2. Bryan Clauson, 3. Darren Hagen, 4. Levi Jones, 5. Chris Windom, 6. Jerry Coons, Jr., 7. Davey Ray, 8. Caleb Armstrong, 9. Zach Daum, 10. Thomas Meseraull, 11. Scott Hatton, 12. Casey Shuman, 13. Mike Hess, 14. Daniel Robinson, 15. Austin Brown, 16. Brandon Waelti, 17. Tyler Thomas, 18. Taylor Ferns, 19. Alex Bright, 20. Bubba Altig, 21. Rico Abreu, 22. Travis Berryhill, 23. Andrew Felker, 24. Tracy Hines. 
12-lap Semi Feature Winner: Windom.
10-lap Heat Race Winners: Abreu, Hines, Hatton, Meseruall.
Fast Time: Abreu 14.385 seconds.
Cars Present: 32 Feature Lap Leaders: Daum 1, Hines 2-6, Kuhn 7-11, Hagen 12-17, Kuhn 18-28, Clauson 29, Kuhn 30. 
*Abreu flipped on lap 25 of the Feature. Bright flipped on lap 28 of the Feature, both drivers uninjured.

Current Badger Midget Series points: 1. Bubba Altig 890; 2. Mike Hess 654; 3. Scott Hatton 647; 4. Daniel Robinson 626; 5. Brandon Waelti 623; 6. Danny Stratton 548; 7. Brad Kuhn 505; 8. Davey Ray 477; 9. Jerry Coons Jr. 446; 10. David Budres 388.
Badger Micros
12-lap Feature: 1. Jason Dull; 2. Jake Reif; 3. Chad Bogar; 4. Matt Padtra; 5. Jason Tetrault; 6. Jerry Reif; 7. Ben Padtra; 8. Gunner Cummings; 9. Daniel Stefan; 10. Scott Crawford; 11. Preston Benisch; 12. Pat Jones. 
8-lap Heat Race Winners: B. Paderta, Dull.

More from Rachel Scott:

Quick Time: Rico Abreu 14.385

H1: Rico Abreu (USAC)
2: Brad Kuhn
3: Mike Hess

H2: Tracy Hines (USAC)
2: Thomas Meseraull
3: Travis Berryhill

H3: Scott Hatton "The highlight of our night was winning the heat race."
2: Darron Hagen
3: Bubba Altig

H4: Thomas Meseraull "We've been pulling off the heat wins. Tried hard in the feature but kept getting held up by others who are hard to pass. But this place is awesome."
2: Levi Jones
3: Bryan Clauson

BMain: Chris Windom (USAC)
2: Caleb Armstrong
3: Casey Shumon

Feature: Brad Kuhn - won by 19 one hundred thousands of a second! .019 - "I knew I'd won because I saw Bryan's front tire just behind mine because it nudged the side of my car, that caused me to bump the wall after the checkered. I've never won Corn Fest and this is our first feature win all year. Its nice."
2: Bryan Clauson
3: Daron Hagen