Kuhn now three for four in Badger Midgets

Second straight win at Angell Park

Kuhn winBy Bryan Gapinski
Sun Prairie, Wis., July 10---Brad Kuhn captured Sunday Night's 30-lap Stark Automotive Group/Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Series feature event at Angell Park Speedway. The victory for Kuhn was his third, in the last four Badger events.
Brandon Waelti led the intinial two laps, before Mike Hess took the top position. Kuhn moved into second place on Lap 4 and two laps later passed Hess for the lead. Scott Hatton who started tenth, passed two cars on Lap 8 moving into second position.
Hatton closed on Kuhn each lap. One lap after the midway point, Hatton made an outside pass on Kuhn exiting Turn 4 , Hatton hit the wall and rode the wall passing Kuhn at the start/finish line to lead the lap. Hatton's car came off the wall and continued in second place for a few laps, before retiring on Lap 23. the events only caution apperared on Lap 17 for a stalled car.
Kuhn continued to run a flawless race, while an intense three car battle for the runner-up position was waged by Hess, Bubba Altig and Davey Ray for the remainder of the event.
Kuhn driving the RW Motorsports owned Beast/Fontana No. 17 finished 3.23 seconds ahead of Hess, Bubba Altig, Davey Ray, and Waelti. "We made alot of changes to this car during the week in the shop and they all worked great for us tonight, there alot of big races in the upcoming weeks this is the time to peak during the season" commented Kuhn in victory lane.
Billy Balog completed a clean sweep winning the 10-lap Badger 600 Micro feature finishing ahead of Preston Benisch, George Knudsen and Dick Heath. Altig now holds a four-point lead over Hess, with Kuhn in third place trailing by 50-points heading into the upcoming doubleheader weekend. Badger along with the Lucas Oil POWRi Midget series will co-sanction the Fifth annual "Salute to Harry Turner" on Saturday July 16 at Wilmot (Wis.), and the following night "The 75th Anniversary Night of Badger Midget Racing" at Angell Park.
---With Taylor Ferns finishing seventh and Courtney Erfurth finishing tenth in the feature. The race marked the first feature in Badger history that was started by two female drivers.
---Aussie Matt Jackson will compete in two more races July 16 at Wilmot and July 17 at Angell Park before heading back home.
---The event for Ferns, Jackson and Dalton Armstrong were the first ever races at Angell Park.
---The top three feature finishers saw three different chassis' on the podium (Beast-Buzzard-Spike).
---For Current IRA Sprint Car series points leader Billy Balog the race was the "first outdoor" midget race for the former Alaskan resident. Balog's only previous midget experience came at the Chili Bowl.
---Kuhn's time at 15-laps was under his 30-lap record set two weeks ago. A caution one-lap later wiped out a possible second straight record.
---Fans and particpants are urged to come to AngellPark early next week for the day-long celebration honoring Badger's 75 years of sanctioning midget auto racing. activites will begin at 1 pm in the Pavillion.

QUAL       HT 1       A FEAT  
1 17 KUHN 14.996 1 R.RAY   1 KUHN
2 2 D.RAY 15.083 2 WAELTI   2 HESS
3 15 HATTON 15.149 3 FERNS   3 ALTIG
4 5 WALTERS 15.173 4 HATTON   4 D.RAY
5 19 ALTIG 15.241 5 FUERST   5 WAELTI
6 15X WAELTI 15.228 HT 2     6 R.RAY
7 1 HESS 15.273 1 D.RAY   7 FERNS
9 57X BAYLOG 15.375 3 ALTIG   9 BUDRES
10 82 JOHNSON 15.380 4 ERFURTH   10 ERFURTH
11 97 JACKSON 15.383 5 BUDRES   11 ARMSTRONG
12 3 R.RAY 15.422 HT 3   12 WALTERS
13 7 ARMSTRONG 15.449 1 HESS   13 JACKSON
14 25 ERFURTH 15.479 2 KUHN   14 MAYHEW
15 55 FERNS 15.488 3 ARMSTRONG   15 JOHMSON
16 57 ROBINSON 15.498 4 WALTERS   16 HATTON
18 28 FUERST 15.519   18 FUERST
19 21S SHREFFLER 15.622   19 GOUGH
20 31 GOUGH 17.044   20 SHREFFLER