“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...
“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

9/19/2021 -
September 19, 2021, Medaryville, IN-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association closed out its 85th season of racing on Saturday night at the Shadyhil
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

9/16/2021 -
September 15, 2021, Sun Prairie, WI-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association returns to the state of Indiana, Saturday, September 18, after a two-d
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

9/12/2021 -
September 12, 2021, Plymouth, WI-- The Badger Midget Series returned to action last night as the Plymouth Dirt Track played host to the final Wisconsi


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“McDermand coming of age at Sycamore”

“McDermand coming of age at Sycamore”

July 25, 2021, Sycamore, IL-- Whose birthday is it next? The last two outings in the Badger Midget Series competition have gone to the birthday boys. Kurt Mayhew won in Tomahawk after celebrating his 72nd birthday and Chase McDermand celebrated his 21st birthday with family and friends by wheeling his McDermand Plumbing Ray Honda powered machine to his fourth victory of the season at Sycamore Speedway on Saturday night.

Kyle Stark continued his impressive rookie campaign by claiming top honors in Schoenfeld Headers qualifying for the first time in his career. The Madison Extinguisher Service Non -Qualifier race went to hometown racer John Smith, to the delight of the Sycamore crowd. Ray Seach and Jack Routson were battling for the win in Auto Meter Heat #1 when they took the white however, Seach hooked the cushion and began rolling over collecting Routson in the turn one. Zach Boden was able to slip through the incident for the win. Both drivers were able to walk away with Routson making it back out for the A-main later in the evening. McDermand would take the final preliminary event win in the Simpson Race Products Heat #2.

Kevin Douglas and Mike Stroik led the field to green and the perfectly prepped Sycamore clay had multiple lanes available for drivers to test their mettle. Douglas jumped to the early lead pacing the first three laps before he slipped off the bottom entering turns three and four opening the lane for Stroik. As Stroik pulled the trigger exiting turn four, so did McDermand squeezing under the pair to claim the lead using an exciting three-wide maneuver down into one. After an early caution, the race ran green allowing McDermand to slip into the distance as the field battled hard from second on back. Stark had powered his way into second midway through the race leaving Stroik to battle with Kevin Douglas, Lamont Critchett, Tyler Baran, and Sean Murphy, who had climbed from deep in the field. A late-race caution would erase a near half-track lead and bring the hungry Stark to the leader's tail tank. McDermand was committed to the bottom side and Stark set sail on the cushion drawing even with McDermand on the restart. The pair battled side by side bringing the crowd to their feet before a slight mistake in two by Stark allowed McDermand to escape for good en route to his series-leading fourth win of the season. Stark finished second with Baran, Critchett, and Stroik rounding out the top five.

Badger teams will head to the Plymouth Dirt Track next Saturday before returning to Angell Park Speedway for the 85th Badger Reunion and the Fredenberg 50 on Sunday night.

Howard Law Cash Draw Winner: Denny Smith

Advanced Race Suspension Hard Charger: RJ Corson

Badger Midget Series Points: 1. Chase McDermand 1039; 2. Zach Boden 696; 3. Lamont Critchett 655; 4. Kyle Stark 625; 5. Mike Stroik 581; 6. Andy Baugh 547 7. Kevin Olson 507; 8. Kyle Koch 433; 9. Kurt Mayhew 457; 10. Kevin Douglas 432

Stay tuned to BMARA.com and the BMARA Racing Facebook page for additional announcements and information regarding events for the 2021 season.

Lap Leaders Kevin Douglas 1-3, Chase McDermand 22-25

Badger Midgets 22 Entries

A Feature 25 Laps
1. 40-Chase McDermand[5]; 2. 2-Kyle Stark[7]; 3. 11T-Tyler Baran[6]; 4. 14-Lamont Critchett[3]; 5. 9S-Mike Stroik[2]; 6. 5X-Sean Murphy[14]; 7. 6-Jeremy Douglas[10]; 8. 15C-RJ Corson[17]; 9. 5K-Kevin Douglas[1]; 10. 71-Kyle Koch[9]; 11. 42-Kevin Battefeld[12]; 12. 59-John Smith[15]; 13. 29-Harrison Kleven[19]; 14. 27-Charles Kunz[16]; 15. 10-Denny Smith[20]; 16. 19E-Daltyn England[8]; 17. 31-Shay Sassano[18]; 18. 51-Zach Boden[4]; 19. 57-Jack Routson[13]; 20. (DNS) 15Z-Jeff Zelinski; 21. (DNS) 31B-Ray Seach; 22. (DNS) 53-Aaron Schuck

Non Qualifier 8 Laps | Madison Extinguisher Service
1. 59-John Smith[6]; 2. 27-Charles Kunz[5]; 3. 15C-RJ Corson[8]; 4. 31-Shay Sassano[3]; 5. 29-Harrison Kleven[4]; 6. 10-Denny Smith[7]; 7. 15Z-Jeff Zelinski[1]; 8. 53-Aaron Schuck[2]

Heat 1 10 Laps | Auto Meter
1. 51-Zach Boden[5]; 2. 11T-Tyler Baran[7]; 3. 6-Jeremy Douglas[1]; 4. 71-Kyle Koch[2]; 5. 5K-Kevin Douglas[3]; 6. 31B-Ray Seach[4]; 7. 57-Jack Routson[6]

Heat 2 10 Laps | Simpson Race Products
1. 40-Chase McDermand[5]; 2. 14-Lamont Critchett[4]; 3. 2-Kyle Stark[7]; 4. 19E-Daltyn England[2]; 5. 9S-Mike Stroik[3]; 6. 42-Kevin Battefeld[1]; 7. 5X-Sean Murphy[6]

Qualifying | Schoenfeld Headers
1. 2-Kyle Stark, 14.874[5]; 2. 11T-Tyler Baran, 15.126[4]; 3. 5X-Sean Murphy, 15.176[3]; 4. 57-Jack Routson, 15.201[1]; 5. 40-Chase McDermand, 15.202[16]; 6. 51-Zach Boden, 15.268[6]; 7. 14-Lamont Critchett, 15.441[19]; 8. 31B-Ray Seach, 15.573[7]; 9. 9S-Mike Stroik, 16.204[8]; 10. 5K-Kevin Douglas, 16.226[13]; 11. 19E-Daltyn England, 16.257[20]; 12. 71-Kyle Koch, 16.290[12]; 13. 42-Kevin Battefeld, 16.338[14]; 14. 6-Jeremy Douglas, 16.341[10]; 15. 15C-RJ Corson, 16.403[15]; 16. 10-Denny Smith, 16.443[18]; 17. 59-John Smith, 16.473[21]; 18. 27-Charles Kunz, 16.809[22]; 19. 29-Harrison Kleven, 16.960[2]; 20. 31-Shay Sassano, 17.191[9]; 21. 53-Aaron Schuck, 19.121[11]; 22. 15Z-Jeff Zelinski, 19.121[17]

Article Credit: Matt Vaade

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