Boden Captures First AFS Badger Midget Championshi...
This and That from the Track... Shadyhill
Badgers in the Hoosier State... Oh My!!
Boden Captures First AFS Badger Midget Championshi...

Boden Captures First AFS Badger Midget Championshi...

9/18/2022 -
Medaryville, IN--Kyle Stark and Zach Boden shared a brilliant championship battle in 2022, but the title can only be won by one driver and one team. T
This and That from the Track... Shadyhill

This and That from the Track... Shadyhill

9/15/2022 -
Sun Prairie, WI, September 14, 2022– The 2022 Advanced Fastening Supply BADGER championship is to be settled in one final battle at Shadyhill Speedwa
Badgers in the Hoosier State... Oh My!!

Badgers in the Hoosier State... Oh My!!

9/11/2022 -
Sun Prairie, WI, September 11, 2022– Points. Some love running for points, and some don’t. Some love hearing about the point race, others say just rac


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Badger Midgetsas of 9/17/2022
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Badger Midget Auto Racing Association Schedule - 2022

Badger Midgets

As of September 17, 2022
PosCarDriverHometownWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
151Zach BodenCambridge, WI21216201561
22Kyle StarkMarshall, WI21116211553-8
355Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI11012161197-364
415CRJ CorsonMarkham, IL416211111-450
524MAaron MuhleBeaver Dam, WI712201050-511
65XAdam TaylorWheatefield, IN58811987-574
79SMike StroikWest Bend, WI41119957-604
85KKevin DouglasMadison, WI31520937-624
919EDaltyn EnglandSpringfield, IL141113824-737
1020DDerek DoerrWatertown, WI17912807-754
1159Kyle KochMcfarland, WI1318807-754
1240JRDave Collins JrLake Mills, WI1616751-810
1329Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI118687-874
143BBrandon WaeltiSun Prairie, WI2558654-907
1556Charles RufiNew Glarus, WI218598-963
169KBryon WaltersSpread Eagle, WI2614566-995
1715ZJeff ZelinskiJoliet, IL478522-1039
1821KKurt MayhewDemotte, IN510483-1078
1987Jake DohnerJanesville, WI1510472-1089
2011TTyler BaranWausau, WI257471-1090
2138Matt RechekBeaver Dam, WI15810463-1098
2298Jordan NelsonColgate, WI213425-1136
2310Denny SmithMukwonago, WI10404-1157
246Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI311344-1217
258Jake GoegleinSullivan, WI19301-1260
2628Jim FuerstRichfield, WI128293-1268
2777Jack VanderboomDousman, WI8281-1280
2820Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI124213-1348
2911NNick BaranTomahawk, WI1124206-1355
3044Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN233192-1369
3145KWNicholas KleinMadison, WI4166-1395
3245KWTrey WeishoffSun Prairie, WI3157-1404
3339Dwight StefanHartford, WI2154-1407
3440JJace SparksCrystal Lake, IL25139-1422
354Brad HensenSun Prairie, WI3131-1430
3631Shay SassanoHampshire, IL115130-1431
3727Charles KunzSpringfield, IL3116-1445
383AChris AdrienJoliet, IL3109-1452
394Pat HensenSun Prairie, WI393-1468
4038Mike UngerMadison, WI1272-1489
416BAndy BaughMason City, IL270-1491
4234Ken HansonVinton, IA264-1497
431Scott KoernerJoliet, IL1247-1514
447Brian PetersonMukwonago, WI132-1529
4511MMiles QuandtWatertown, WI026-1535
4657BEric BlumerSun Prairie, WI124-1537
4753Aaron SchuckJoliet, IL123-1538

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