BMARA Record Purse Up for Grabs at K.O. Klassic
England, Nick Baran Score Victories in Doubleheade...
Neuman Triumphs in Last Lap Thriller
BMARA Record Purse Up for Grabs at K.O. Klassic

BMARA Record Purse Up for Grabs at K.O. Klassic

6/23/2022 -
How do you appropriately honor a Five-Time Badger Midget Champion, Two-Time USAC National Midget Champion and National Midget Hall of Famer like Kevin
England, Nick Baran Score Victories in Doubleheade...

England, Nick Baran Score Victories in Doubleheade...

6/19/2022 -
The Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midget Series took to the road this weekend and headed north of their usual stomping grounds in Southern Wisconsi
Neuman Triumphs in Last Lap Thriller

Neuman Triumphs in Last Lap Thriller

6/13/2022 -
June 13, 2022- Sun Prairie, WI-- On a picture-perfect Sunday night, at Angell Park Speedway, the Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midget Series and th


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Driver Profile

Justin Hoium

  • Crew Chief
  • Since: 2018

Justin is the backbone of the operation. He (usually) is the one to keep everyone calm when we are thrashing on the car. Next to Eric, he puts the most time into the car, away from the track. He is one of the people we trust with Eric's safety. If he's there, he's the one that straps Eric in.

Justin has crewed for many years on the Midget of Cody Weisensel and helped Greg Leatherberry build his Midget. He brings a love of racing and a knowledge of Eric's psyche to the team.

We've known Justin since he was a pre-teen, when his family would sit by us at Angell Park, before Eric was even born.

Brian Benisch

  • Senior Advisor
  • Since: 2017

Eric got his car in the fall of 2017. There was a temptation to take it out for the last Legends race of the year, but cooler heads prevailed. Brian was the one who went to the Wilcenski Farms Proving Grounds that autumn so Eric could at least try out his new car.
Brian was the original crew chief and put in a ton of hours during the winter, leading up to the 2018 campaign and was with us in the pits for the first several races, until he felt we had a handle on things. We would have been lost without Brian and he's still an important part of the team. He just doesn't need to be at every race now.
Brian is the man behind the Dog Guard of Wisconsin LLC, you see on the car.
Currently (2020) Brian is battling a second round of cancer. We have "Always Forward" on the car in support of him.

Cody Weisensel

  • Driver Whisperer
  • Since: 2018

It's Cody's job to keep the driver calm and scrape the mud. A veteran of the Badger Midget ranks for many years, he knows what it feels like to put the helmet on and strap tightly into a race car. He watches Eric on the track and gives him feedback and listens to what Eric has to say.

Greg Leatherberry

  • First Mate
  • Since: 2019

Justin's right hand man. Greg and Justin built a Midget for Greg many years ago and know each other well. Like everyone on the crew he's known Eric since Eric was born and has a passion for dirt racing. The few times a year Justin can't make it to the race, Greg fills the void. Greg's son Owen and Eric are good friends. Owen won the Kid Kart Nationals with Greg turning the wrenches about 15 years ago.

Stephanie Blumer

  • Social Media Director
  • Since: 2018

The best racing sister around and like the rest of the crew, Stephanie has known her brother since he was born. Stephanie is in charge of race day updates on Facebook. She seldom misses a race.


  • Secret Weapon
  • Since: 2018

He's a secret so we can't really talk about him.
Some say he's a myth kind of like the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.
We call him when things get really bad!

Bill Tefft

  • Fabricator
  • Since: 2018

Whether it's a story about Grandpa Blumer, George Hoium (Justin's late father) or actually fixing our fiber glass, Bill's a master of fabrication!

Joe Wipperfurth

  • Since: 2018

Joe does so much behind the scenes for us. In a perfect year, the only thing we'd ask him to do is place Eric's seat at the start of the season. But, racing is never that easy, so Joe usually ends up fixing several bumpers throughout the year at the least. He's also the guy behind Ground Up Lifts.

We don't see him on race day much, as he's busy with his family. Joe's, paid his dues in racing. He's run Midgets, Sprint Cars and crewed for Brian Paulus on the World of Outlaws Sprint Car circuit.

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