“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...
“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

9/19/2021 -
September 19, 2021, Medaryville, IN-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association closed out its 85th season of racing on Saturday night at the Shadyhil
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

9/16/2021 -
September 15, 2021, Sun Prairie, WI-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association returns to the state of Indiana, Saturday, September 18, after a two-d
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

9/12/2021 -
September 12, 2021, Plymouth, WI-- The Badger Midget Series returned to action last night as the Plymouth Dirt Track played host to the final Wisconsi


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Tomahawk Speedway10/16/2021Badger Midgets
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Shadyhill Speedway9/18/2021Badger Midgets
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Plymouth Dirt Track-Sheboygan Co Fgds9/11/2021Badger Midgets
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Sycamore Speedway9/4/2021Badger Midgets
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7/31/2021 at Plymouth Dirt Track-Sheboygan Co Fgds

7/31/2021 at Plymouth Dirt Track-Sheboygan Co Fgds

IRA Sprints / Badger Midgets / PDTR Sprints | Plymouth, WI

Badger Midgets

Badger Midget Auto Racing Association

A Feature

25 laps | 00:00:00
17Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL40
22Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL57
33Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2
48Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI20
55Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI55
66Zach BodenCambridge, WI51
79Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
812Adam TaylorShorewood, IL5X
910Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
1011Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
111Ken HansonVinton, IA77
1214Kevin OlsonMachesney Park, IL9K
1318Jim FuerstRichfield, WI28
144Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
1513Kyle KochMcfarland, WI71
1622Jake GoegleinSullivan, WI8
1721Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
1824Peter Dempsey31B
1917Charlie SpoonmoreBrookfield, WI10
2020Jordan NelsonColgate, WI98
2119Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
2215Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN14
2323Charles KunzSpringfield, IL27
DNS-Aaron MuhleBeaver Dam, WI24M
DNS-Matthew RechekBeaver Dam, WI5R

Non Qualifier

8 laps | 00:03:44.401Presented by Madison Extinguisher Service
15Charlie SpoonmoreBrookfield, WI10
27Jim FuerstRichfield, WI28
33Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
48Jordan NelsonColgate, WI98
52Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
61Peter Dempsey31B
76Jake GoegleinSullivan, WI8
84Charles KunzSpringfield, IL27
99Matthew RechekBeaver Dam, WI5R

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:21.994Presented by Simpson
14Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL57
27Zach BodenCambridge, WI51
32Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI20
45Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2
51Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
68Adam TaylorShorewood, IL5X
76Kevin OlsonMachesney Park, IL9K
83Aaron MuhleBeaver Dam, WI24M

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:19.872Presented by Auto Meter
17Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI55
26Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
33Ken HansonVinton, IA77
41Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
58Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL40
62Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
74Kyle KochMcfarland, WI71
85Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN14


00:00:45.735Presented by Schoenfeld
17Adam TaylorShorewood, IL5X13.791
29Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL4013.826
33Zach BodenCambridge, WI5113.914
417Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI5514.186
55Kevin OlsonMachesney Park, IL9K14.215
610Andy BaughMason City, IL6B14.261
713Kyle StarkMarshall, WI214.317
823Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN1414.384
919Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL5714.393
102Kyle KochMcfarland, WI7114.502
1115Aaron MuhleBeaver Dam, WI24M14.513
126Ken HansonVinton, IA7714.536
1322Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI2014.542
1420Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S14.710
1514Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI614.719
168Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K14.734
1721Jordan NelsonColgate, WI9814.914
1812Jim FuerstRichfield, WI2814.944
191Jake GoegleinSullivan, WI814.986
2011Charlie SpoonmoreBrookfield, WI1015.164
2118Charles KunzSpringfield, IL2715.203
2216Shay SassanoHampshire, IL3115.265
2325Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI2915.277
244Peter Dempsey31B16.010
2524Matthew RechekBeaver Dam, WI5R18.999

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