“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...
“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

“Taylor Sweeps Shadyhill Speedway in Badger Finale...

9/19/2021 -
September 19, 2021, Medaryville, IN-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association closed out its 85th season of racing on Saturday night at the Shadyhil
“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

“Shadyhill Speedway to Host Badger Finale on Satur...

9/16/2021 -
September 15, 2021, Sun Prairie, WI-- The Badger Midget Auto Racing Association returns to the state of Indiana, Saturday, September 18, after a two-d
“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

“2021 Badger Champ McDermand Wins Tenth at Plymout...

9/12/2021 -
September 12, 2021, Plymouth, WI-- The Badger Midget Series returned to action last night as the Plymouth Dirt Track played host to the final Wisconsi


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Event Profile

7/16/2021 at Gravity Park Speedway

7/16/2021 at Gravity Park Speedway

Gravity Park Speedway | Chilton, WI

Badger Midgets

Badger Midget Auto Racing Association

A Feature

25 laps | 00:15:21
19Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL40
21Jordan MattsonGreenfield, WI92
33Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
46Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
55Derek DoerrWatertown, WI20D
68Zach BodenCambridge, WI51
714Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2
812Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
92Kyle KochMcfarland, WI71
1011Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K
1113David BudresJanesville, WI31B
1210Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
1317Jim FuerstRichfield, WI28
144Jake DohnerJanesville, WI87
1515Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
1618Denny SmithMukwonago, WI10
1716Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
187Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN14
1919Miles QuandtWatertown, WI11M

Non Qualifier

10 laps | 00:03:21Presented by Madison Extinguisher Service
11Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
23Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
35Jim FuerstRichfield, WI28
44Denny SmithMukwonago, WI10
52Miles QuandtWatertown, WI11M

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:03:40Presented by Simpson
17Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL40
21Jordan MattsonGreenfield, WI92
32Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
44Derek DoerrWatertown, WI20D
56Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN14
63Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K
75David BudresJanesville, WI31B

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:05:33Presented by Auto Meter
15Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
27Zach BodenCambridge, WI51
31Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
42Kyle KochMcfarland, WI71
54Jake DohnerJanesville, WI87
63Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
76Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2


00:01:39Presented by Schoenfeld
13Chase McDermandSpringfield, IL4012.490
25Zach BodenCambridge, WI5113.100
31Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN1413.109
410Kyle StarkMarshall, WI213.173
54David BudresJanesville, WI31B13.183
67Andy BaughMason City, IL6B13.202
719Derek DoerrWatertown, WI20D13.270
813Jake DohnerJanesville, WI8713.489
99Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K13.550
1018Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S13.580
116Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K13.709
128Kyle KochMcfarland, WI7113.737
1312Jordan MattsonGreenfield, WI9213.796
1416Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI613.885
1517Jim FuerstRichfield, WI2813.951
1611Denny SmithMukwonago, WI1014.331
1714Shay SassanoHampshire, IL3114.572
1815Miles QuandtWatertown, WI11M15.092
192Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI2916.772

Wisconsin WingLESS Sprints

Wisconsin wingLESS Sprints

A Feature 1

25 laps | 00:22:24.984
14Ryan ZielskiOconomowoc, WI14Z
21Seth JohnsonHartland, WI99J
310Ryan MarshallKansasville, WI7X
42Natalie KlemkoBristol, WI20
511Tim CoxPark City, IL40
67Jimmy SiviaWinthrop Harbor, IL91
721Daniel GraumenzSalem, WI89
89Rusty EganBurlington, WI50
95Brian StraneParis, WI22S
108Chris KlemkoBristol, WI70
113TJ SmithGreenville, WI69
1212Nathan CraneWaukegan, IL19X
1317Clayton RossmannWadsworth, ILO9
1414Derek CraneRacine, WI19K
1516Allen HaffordBeach Park, IL38
1620William HuckMukwonago, WI39
1715Dennis SpitzLewisburg, KY41
1823Ralph JohnsonSilver Lake, WI29J
1922Trinity UttechNew Berlin, WI7
2018George Gaertner IIISalem, WI4G
2113Tate HensleyTrevor, WI70H
2219Vince BartolottaMuskego, WI6B
2324Austin SemmelmannMenomonee Falls, WIO
246Tom EllerZion, IL29OG

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:09:38.635
11Daniel GraumenzSalem, WI89
25Trinity UttechNew Berlin, WI7
37Ralph JohnsonSilver Lake, WI29J
46Austin SemmelmannMenomonee Falls, WIO
510Denny SmithMukwonago, WI66
62Jordan PaulsenTrevor, WI4
79Josh DavidsonRacine, WI7D
88Bryce AndrewsKenosha, WI29A
94Greg AltDelavan, WI22
103Mike SullivanBurlington, WI9X
DNS-Shawn SwimZion, IL12

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:58.095
12Ryan ZielskiOconomowoc, WI14Z
21Tate HensleyTrevor, WI70H
34Ryan MarshallKansasville, WI7X
43Tom EllerZion, IL29OG
55Clayton RossmannWadsworth, ILO9
66Mike SullivanBurlington, WI9X
77Ralph JohnsonSilver Lake, WI29J
88Josh DavidsonRacine, WI7D

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:06:21.696
11TJ SmithGreenville, WI69
23Brian StraneParis, WI22S
32Derek CraneRacine, WI19K
44Rusty EganBurlington, WI50
56William HuckMukwonago, WI39
65Jordan PaulsenTrevor, WI4
77Bryce AndrewsKenosha, WI29A
88Denny SmithMukwonago, WI66

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:39.559
11Natalie KlemkoBristol, WI20
23Tim CoxPark City, IL40
34Chris KlemkoBristol, WI70
42Allen HaffordBeach Park, IL38
55George Gaertner IIISalem, WI4G
67Greg AltDelavan, WI22
76Austin SemmelmannMenomonee Falls, WIO
DNS-Shawn SwimZion, IL12

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:06:39.203
11Seth JohnsonHartland, WI99J
23Nathan CraneWaukegan, IL19X
36Dennis SpitzLewisburg, KY41
44Jimmy SiviaWinthrop Harbor, IL91
55Vince BartolottaMuskego, WI6B
67Trinity UttechNew Berlin, WI7
72Daniel GraumenzSalem, WI89

Qualifying 1

14Ryan MarshallKansasville, WI7X13.381
25Rusty EganBurlington, WI5013.494
311Chris KlemkoBristol, WI7013.538
43Jimmy SiviaWinthrop Harbor, IL9113.555
519Tom EllerZion, IL29OG13.682
61Brian StraneParis, WI22S13.696
730Tim CoxPark City, IL4013.718
814Nathan CraneWaukegan, IL19X13.734
927Ryan ZielskiOconomowoc, WI14Z13.747
1022Derek CraneRacine, WI19K13.766
1120Allen HaffordBeach Park, IL3813.787
128Daniel GraumenzSalem, WI8913.816
1315Tate HensleyTrevor, WI70H13.818
1413TJ SmithGreenville, WI6913.844
152Natalie KlemkoBristol, WI2013.856
1621Seth JohnsonHartland, WI99J13.894
1725Clayton RossmannWadsworth, ILO913.951
1824Jordan PaulsenTrevor, WI413.974
196George Gaertner IIISalem, WI4G13.980
2028Vince BartolottaMuskego, WI6B14.000
2126Mike SullivanBurlington, WI9X14.052
2218William HuckMukwonago, WI3914.073
2312Austin SemmelmannMenomonee Falls, WIO14.169
2429Dennis SpitzLewisburg, KY4114.221
2516Ralph JohnsonSilver Lake, WI29J14.331
2610Bryce AndrewsKenosha, WI29A14.347
277Greg AltDelavan, WI2214.396
2817Trinity UttechNew Berlin, WI714.417
2931Josh DavidsonRacine, WI7D14.459
309Denny SmithMukwonago, WI6614.613
31 (DNF)23Shawn SwimZion, IL1214.058

Hot Laps 1

14Ryan MarshallKansasville, WI7X
215Tate HensleyTrevor, WI70H
35Rusty EganBurlington, WI50
427Ryan ZielskiOconomowoc, WI14Z
524Jordan PaulsenTrevor, WI4
63Jimmy SiviaWinthrop Harbor, IL91
71Brian StraneParis, WI22S
822Derek CraneRacine, WI19K
914Nathan CraneWaukegan, IL19X
1025Clayton RossmannWadsworth, ILO9
1120Allen HaffordBeach Park, IL38
1213TJ SmithGreenville, WI69
1311Chris KlemkoBristol, WI70
1430Tim CoxPark City, IL40
1521Seth JohnsonHartland, WI99J
1626Mike SullivanBurlington, WI9X
1723Shawn SwimZion, IL12
1816Ralph JohnsonSilver Lake, WI29J
1928Vince BartolottaMuskego, WI6B
207Greg AltDelavan, WI22
218Daniel GraumenzSalem, WI89
2218William HuckMukwonago, WI39
2329Dennis SpitzLewisburg, KY41
246George Gaertner IIISalem, WI4G
2517Trinity UttechNew Berlin, WI7
262Natalie KlemkoBristol, WI20
2712Austin SemmelmannMenomonee Falls, WIO
2810Bryce AndrewsKenosha, WI29A
2919Tom EllerZion, IL29OG
3031Josh DavidsonRacine, WI7D
319Denny SmithMukwonago, WI66

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